Custom Reports Are Essential to Your Revenue

Custom Reports Are Essential to Your Revenue, Here’s Why

The decision to use custom reports provides a significant financial return, not only by increasing the positive payment adjustment that you receive for each PFS service, but also by decreasing the man hours needed to continuously audit inaccurate reports. eHealth has written the Promoting Interoperability reports as well as many of the Clinical Quality Measure reports to provide you with accurate performance data based on your workflow. We make sure to adhere to the specification documents and the regulatory guidance in development and implementation of our reports while giving you the ability to follow a natural workflow that fits your practice.

Pricing starts at $1500.00 for the first Promoting Interoperability report and additional PI reports are $1200.00 OR you can purchase the entire PI package for $4800.00 – that’s a $300 savings! Many of our clients that have a server on site are using these reports so they can accurately report to CMS and ultimately receive a higher MIPS payment adjustment. We have MIPS reports, HEDIS reports, and financial productivity reports that pull data from both your EHR and PM systems into consolidated reports. Let us know what you need for your quality programs and we will assist you!

A Testament From One of Our Specialty Practice Clients

"I absolutely think participating in MIPS is worthwhile. Our positive payment adjustment will likely be higher in 2020 based on our 2018 score, especially as the thresholds get higher and fewer practices meet the exceptional performance threshold. I think it’s easy to look at the “pick your pace” solution CMS came up with and feel like it’s not that much money on the line, but long-term, it is. A potential 9% loss in revenue is significant, and that goes on year after year. I know that most small practices, especially family practices, don’t have the resources to devote to this program, but with the potential loss in revenue in future years, I don’t think those smaller practices can afford not to devote some time to it. Their margins are typically really tight as it is and losing 9% of their Medicare revenue isn’t something most small practices can afford to do. It doesn’t have to take a large cash investment to participate; most EMRs have something built in to track the required measures. It also doesn’t have to take a full-time employee to do the work. I certainly don’t spend even half of my time working on MIPS, probably even less than a quarter of my total time, if we look at the whole year. Of course, I have your team helping me with the heavy lifting!"

-From Maria Eddings, Clinical Analyst at Renal Care Consultants