2019 Q & A

Several repetitive questions have come up recently, so we have compiled them here for the benefit of everyone.

Q:  What do I need to participate in MIPS this year?

A:  With Allscripts, you need the 2015 CEHRT package and you need to be onPro EHR version 17.1.x or newer. All other services are optional and here is what they represent, per Allscripts sales descriptions and the presentation provided by Allscripts on 1/17/2019:

MIPS Reporting: This is a subscription $359. per provider that gives access to a dashboard that includes Quality, Cost, Improvement, and Promoting Interoperability. It also includes clinician ranking, data submission tools, and your estimated MIPS score. There may be other services associated with this program that are not listed here. I do know that if you choose to use EHR submission, you are limited to the EHR measures. This is very limiting if you are a specialist. It is very easy to submit using a registry, so I would encourage you to explore this if you are a specialty practice or multi-specialty. The registry we use charges $100./ provider for submission of quality, improvement, and promoting interoperability.

QPP changes in 2019.png

Success Monitoring Program: The Success Monitoring is a program where a Service Analyst is assigned to the client and will review their reports.  Depending on which Monitoring Package you select determines the level of review. This is a minimum of a $5000. line item.
*Comparably, eHealth’s QPP Monitoring Program is $3500.

Professional MIPS Services: This package includes consulting services for MIPS.

Q:  Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances – what is needed for the upcoming vendor change?

A:  Allscripts is changing to an easier identity proofing provider late next week. You should receive documentation related to this change in vendors; however, I did want to make sure you know that everyone will need to re-enroll in order for their EPCS privileges to work. Allscripts is projecting  an effective date of 3/21/2019 for this change.

Q:  What is the deadline for submitting data to CMS for 2018?

A:  April 2, 2019 at 8 PM EST

Q: Am I limited to one method of submission for Quality Measures in 2019?

A:  No, you can use multiple methods. This is especially important if you are a specialty practice and are interested in participating in measures that cannot be submitted via the EHR. You could use claims, registry, and EHR to cover the quality measures you would like to track for 2019.

Q:  Do I have to use the numbers generated by my EHR for the Quality and/or Promoting Interoperability reports?

A:  The short answer is No. Here are some things to be mindful of – you do need to use a vendor that adheres to the specifications based on your Submission Type (registry, QCDR, claims registry), you also want to use your CEHRT to document the clinical information related to the measure specification. If this is something you are interested in, please ask for additional information. It takes more than just a few sentences to make sure you have a compliant plan for your numbers. Remember – ACCURACY DIRECTLY EFFECTS YOUR BOTTOM LINE!