Do you have MIPS Submission Stress?

Practices depending on their EHR vendor or other third parties for submission can run into problems if the vendor is unable to submit in a timely manner. This could be for any myriad of reasons. I just wanted to make sure you know you are not stuck. You may have started the year thinking you would submit through your EHR, for example, but it isn’t too late to change your mind! Remember, MARCH 31, 2018 IS THE DEADLINE.

Quality Measures: You can still submit your quality measures through a registry. What do you need to do next?

  1. Gather the following data for the reports you are using:

    • IPP – Initial Patient Population

    • Numerator

    • Exclusions

    • Exceptions

  2. Find a registry to use. The one we used is $100./provider for group reporting if you have a relationship with us. But, there are others, the list is here: 2017 Qualified Registries . Some specialty organizations provide submission at no cost. **You may still be able to get the End to End reporting bonus even if you use a registry.

Improvement Activities and ACI: The registry we used allowed for submission of all 3 categories in the same file. However, you can also attest through the QPP website. What do you need to do next?

  1. Know your EIDM log in information

  2. Go to the QPP website and sign in

  3. Complete the required fields

  4. Submit your data
    **Some of the information on the QPP website is old such as the providers linked to your account. If this is correct in the PECOS system, you are good to go.
    **Some of the information is wrong, such as giving double points to small practices for improvement activities. CMS will fix this as they pull the data to begin incentive payments in 2019.

Need help or additional information? Contact us so we can help you.