2019 MIPS Payment Adjustments

Hopefully, you have already reviewed and potentially downloaded your Performance Feedback Report from the Quality Payment Program website. I would like to encourage you to log in again and review updates made to scores and most importantly payment adjustments on September 13, 2018. 

Many practices have submitted Targeted Reviews to CMS and because of identified issues and resulting corrections, the Performance Feedback Reports of all practices impacted have been updated, not just those who submitted the Targeted Review.

If you have not filed a Targeted Review, please log in to the Quality Payment Program website and review your Performance Feedback Report again.

  1. Validate that the facility associated with the TIN is correct. If not, you can correct this in the Targeted Review submission.

  2. If you reported as an individual, validate that the TIN/NPI combination is correct. If not, you can update this in the PECOS system, but I would still encourage you to submit a Targeted Review so that any adjustments can be made on the QPP side as well.

  3. Validate that the score in each section matches the score you originally submitted for each section, and that your overall score is correct. If there is any issue, submit a Targeted Review.

  4. If you find any discrepancies or numbers that look concerning, submit a Targeted Review.

Due to the number of identified issues, CMS is extending the timeframe for submission until October 15, 2018 – 8:00 pm EST. The sooner you get your targeted review request submitted, the more likely it will be completed and thus your payment adjustment calculated and applied accurately for the 2019 payment year.

If you need additional assistance with the Targeted Review process, you can click here for the user guide. We are also happy to assist as needed.