MIPS Submission and Bonus Points

You can receive bonus points based on how you submit data to CMS in both the Quality and ACI categories. These points will increase your final score and assist you in attaining the highest reimbursement possible in 2019.

The Quality category allows for bonus points for end to end electronic reporting as defined below:

“The end-to-end electronic reporting bonus point is not specific to certain CQMs, but would apply in any case where the submission pathway maintains fully electronic management and movement of patient demographic and clinical data once it is initially captured in the eligible clinician’s certified health IT. Where a registry is calculating and submitting the Quality Payment Program-accepted measures on the MIPS eligible clinician’s behalf, this means that: (1) the MIPS eligible clinician uses certified health IT to capture and electronically provide to the registry clinical data for the measures, using appropriate electronic means (for example, through secure access via API or by electronic submission of QRDA documents); and (2) the registry uses verifiable software to process the data, calculate, and report measure results to CMS (in CMS-specified electronic submission format). In order to qualify for a bonus point, submission via a QCDR or the CMS Web Interface would need to adhere to these principles. Any submission pathway that involves manual abstraction and re-entry of data elements that are captured and managed using certified health IT is not end-to-end electronic quality reporting and is not consistent with the goal of the bonus.”

If you are utilizing a third party registry, verify that CMS has approved their process for meeting the direct end to end submission criteria. In the Quality category, bonus points can equal up to 10% of your total possible quality score.

In the Advancing Care Information or Advancing Care Information, Transitional category, you can receive up to 15% bonus points.

5% bonus points are allocated for practices that submit to a specialized or syndromic surveillance registry. This could be the CDC, an HIE that you participate with and receive feedback reports from, or submission of your quality data electronically.

10% bonus points are allocated for practices that utilize their certified EHR technology (CEHRT) to participate in Improvement Activities (regardless of submission method) selected from the 18 approved bonus measures. These measures are:


For more information, access the fact sheet on the QPP website.