Summary of Care - what you need to know now...

There are a couple of things to note about the Summary of Care measure- Numerator A is no longer required for Meaningful Use or Patient Centered Medical Home according to the recent NCQA update. That being said, there may be other programs you are participating in that are tracking this measure.              

First, there is a new document category in Output Manager called “Summary of Care” .

You should place any referral letters in the Summary of Care Document category so that you will get credit for sending correspondence to the referral provider. While this does not count for MU any longer, it is important for an accurate numerator in other quality metrics.

Second, Numerator B, which measures whether or not an electronic document was sent should be your main focus. The calculation of this measure does not change in version 15, so pay attention to that change and start sending electronic documents now.]

In addition, there is a new requirement for the CQM of Closing the Referral Loop. This requires the following:

1.       Scan the letter from the consulting provider

2.      Index to the Plan / Referral Order

3.      Assign a Document type of “Consultant Letter” or “Consultation Letter”

4.      Review the Referral Order so it is in the Final, Reviewed status (this would be done by the provider if you sent the document for review)


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