Quality Payment Program Pointers

I have been reading several posts on Client Connect and it seems there are some very mixed up messages floating around the Professional EHR community. I thought I would share a recent post with all of you since I am not sure how many of you are avid Client Connect users.

Here are some key points for the Merit-based Incentive Program/Quality Payment Program:

  1. CEHRT - In 2017, 2014 CEHRT (ideally you would be using Pro EHR version 15.x or higher) can be used. In 2018, 2015 CEHRT must be used (v17).
  2. Performance period - 90 days up to the full calendar year, the longer the better for positive payment adjustments
  3. Advancing Care Information (ACI) Performance Category - there is a path for Modified Stage 2 and a path for Stage 3 meaningful use requirements. The maximum number of points is the same regardless of which you choose.  Electronic patient education is a Stage 3 measure.
  4. You can self-monitor your performance or have another vendor/consulting firm do this for you. You do have choices!
  5. A submission vendor will be necessary for the Quality Measures, other performance categories can be submitted via attestation. You will need the Allscripts 2015 package for Pro EHR or Touch Works.

 Most importantly, don't panic. It is highly likely that you are already well on your way to preventing a negative payment adjustment in 2019. In fact, you may already be in the positive adjustment pool without changing any workflows. Why don't you find out where you are? You can evaluate yourself against the performance category or we could do it for you either as a one-time evaluation or as part of our Quality Payment Program Monitoring.