Have you visited Caregiver Options lately?

I often find that one of the WOW factors when training on the EHR is showing users where they can set Caregiver Options. Setting up your favorite or most frequently used screen settings can save you countless seconds, minutes, perhaps even an hour throughout your day. 

Each release typically comes with some additional gems hidden away, particularly in the area of Quick Lists. Some of the more popular options include:

  • Result Views - you can set a default view when you enter the results screen from either the desktop or with a patient in context. Perhaps when you are in Desktop mode and you enter the result screen, you only want to see Ordered, Past Week by or on your behalf. When you enter in Patient mode, you want to see All Statuses, Labs, Past Year. You can designate that in caregiver options on the Result View screen.
  • History - Do you get tired of deleting Other Past History when you include active on the History screen? Are you continuously clicking on the History/Medications tab to include current medications? A quick click of a couple of check boxes in Caregiver Options/History can change that forever. Check Exclude Other Past History and Include Current Medications.
  • Lab Orders - Are your caregivers complaining that there orders are showing up under the MA or Nurse instead of them? This routing is controlled in Assessment & Plan. In Caregiver Options, you can preset the ordering on behalf of caregiver for orders placed in A&P to the Appointment Caregiver. This way when the MA or nurse order a test or medication, the Ordering on behalf and Notify fields automatically get set to the provider which the patient was scheduled to see.
  • Quick Lists - Tired of Scrolling through lists? Most lists can accommodate a Quick List which pulls items that you choose to the very top of the list above a dashed line. Popular ones include Medication Units, Frequency and Refill quantities, Billing Levels, Caregivers and Subjects, but there is quite an extensive list.

Check it out!