An AUDIT – What do you mean? What do I do?

First, don’t panic! When a provider attests for Meaningful Use there is always the possibility of an audit. This can be a very stressful experience if you do not have the documentation you need to justify your attestation. Avoid all the anxiety by making sure you have the appropriate supporting documentation and you keep that documentation for at least 6 years. 

Stage 1 Meaningful Use:

Keep the following documentation in either a .pdf format saved in more than one location or perhaps a combination of .pdf files and printed copy.

A summary report from the Reporting Module for the attestation reporting period for each Core and Menu measure with a calculated threshold. (Documentation should clearly identify the Pro EHR version of the CEHRT (certified electronic health record technology) used to generate the report.)

Core measures:

  1. CPOE, Drug Interaction Checking**, Problem List, ePrescribe, Medication List, Medication Allergy List, Demographics, Vital Signs, Smoking, Clinical Decision Support**, Clinical Quality Measures, Electronic Copy, Clinical Summary
  2. Protect electronic health information (Security Risk Assessment): Documentation demonstrating your Security Risk Assessment review for that reporting year and any educational or process changes which occurred during the reporting year to make sure you are maintaining the security of your data. This assessment is outside of the EHR an ideally includes an action plan with responsible parties. It needs to be reviewed and updated regularly within your reporting period.

Menu Measures (the 5 you chose) from the following:

  1. Lab Tests, Patient Reminders, View Download, and Transmit (Timely Access), Patient Education, Medication Reconciliation, Summary of Care, 
  2. Drug Formulary**, Patient Lists**, Syndromic Surveillance**, Immunization Registry**
  3.  **Optional reports in support of the Yes/No attestation measures
  •  The Non-calculated measure report provides support for services that are enabled, such as: CDS Recommendations, Drug Interaction Checking, Drug Formulary, Immunization Registry and Syndromic Surveillance*. You could either use this type of proof or you can take screen shots from the product demonstrating the use of these services. (Snipping Tool is a great screen shot tool that comes with Windows)
  • The CDS recommendations report will more specifically validate the provider has chosen at least 1 Clinical Decision Support recommendation.


Qualifying for an exclusion for a measure is the same as successfully meeting the measure; however, you should still be able to prove why you meet the exclusion.

 If you don’t have your documentation, please do call for help or fill out the form on the Contact page!