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This package includes meeting with you prior to writing the reports in order to understand your workflow for each measure, report validation, and training on how to run the reports and view the data. In other words, it will still be a prescribed workflow, but you will be writing the prescription. This meeting also results in a workflow document for staff - an added bonus!

Pricing for Promoting Interoperability Reports begins at $1,500.00 for an individual report. Subsequential reports are $1,200.00 OR you can purchase the PI Reports Package for $4,800.00 - that’s a savings of $300!

Pricing for Quality Reports is based on your needs and must be outlined by a mutually agreed upon Statement of Work. Contact us today if you are interested in more information regarding any of our custom reports services, packages, or pricing..

From Maria Eddings, Clinical Analyst at Renal Care Consultants:

"In my opinion, there is nothing more important in today’s reporting world than accuracy. Since our reimbursement is now directly tied to our MIPS score, it’s vital that we submit accurate data to CMS in order to get the best score, and therefore the best reimbursement. You can spend hours looking at different measures, comparing benchmarks, and creating workflows to capture data, but unless you can pull that data out of your EMR correctly, every time, the only way to achieve that accuracy is by using custom-built reports. Not only do custom reports ensure that we are reporting accurate data to CMS, they also allow us to define the workflows we use to record the data, rather than forcing our staff into a one-size-fits-all workflow defined by our EMR. I don’t see the pay-for-outcomes landscape changing anytime soon, so accuracy will only be more important as time goes on. If our reimbursement is tied to our patient’s outcomes, how do we document good outcomes? Using the data. How do we collect the data? By using custom reports."